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  In 1954 Walter and Bernice Ashby purchased a 33 acre   farm a mile south of Nyssa Oregon. Both raised on family farms, they knew it was important to pass the same kind of experiences on to their own children.  Through the years they raised their family of 7 kids as well as crops of many varieties on  their small farm.  With the fertile soil and good farm practices, Walt and Bernie experienced many wonderful harvest of wheat, sugar beets, corn and mint.  The youngest of Walt and Bernie’s children, Mark, moved his wife Brandy and 5 boys to the farm the fall of 2007.  Having been taught how to run the farm properly by his father, a horticulture degree, 8 years working in landscaping and 17 years running a successful garden center, plus Brandy’s passion for gardening, all seemed to be the right choice to make.  Mark and Brandy are committed to operating a sustainable farm as Mark’s parents did, using good farming practices.  While still most of the farm is under row crop production, Ashby Family Farms raises natural grown quality fruits, vegetables and cut flowers for local farmers markets, restaurants or welcome visitors to the farm.  Ashby Family Farms, Let our family help feed yours.

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